• Asset Class Returns – Illustration showing the long-term returns of different asset classes and the price risk associated with each.
  • A World of Opportunity – Cartogram from Dimensional Fund Advisors illustrates the balance of equity investment opportunities around the world.
  • The Behavior Gap – Carl Richards, director of investor education at the BAM ALLIANCE, provides his unique and simplistic take on why most investors underperform the stock market.
  • Can You Pick the Next Winner? – Demonstrates that there is little predictability in asset class performance from one year to the next, strengthening the case for broad diversification across many asset classes.
  • Cost of Mistiming the Market – How confident can a “market timer” really be if missing just a handful of the best days of market performance hurts performance so dramatically?
  • The Power of Diversification – Data proving the power of rebalancing and global diversification. The more diversified the portfolio, the more it enhances return without a substantial increase in volatility.

“I favor passive investing for most investors, because the markets are amazingly successful devices for incorporating information into stock prices.”

Merton Miller

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