• Distinct Asset Class Annualized Returns
  • Cost of Mistiming the Market
  • Translating Modern Portfolio Theory
  • The Power of Diversification
  • Can You Pick the Next Winner? There is little predictability in asset class performance from one year to the next. Studies of annual data reveal no obvious pattern in returns that can be exploited for excess profits, strengthening the case for broad diversification across many asset classes. Investors who follow a structured, diversified strategy are more likely to capture the returns wherever they happen to occur in markets around the world.
  • Evidence-Based vs. Active Investing Many investors may believe that evidence-based investing means simply buying index funds. However, there are some key differences between index investing and evidence-based investing. The following article discusses some of those differences.
  • Putting a Value on Your Value – Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha®  Capital markets will continue to behave in the manner they always have and the Advisor Alpha that Vanguard describes is based on the things we can control, which is what we have continued to preach and where the true value proposition lives.
  • A Vote for Small Cap Stocks? Many of you who have worked with us have heard us discuss the size, value and profitability “premiums” that exist in the capital markets. Oftentimes, it is easy to forget that these premiums don’t phone ahead and let us know when they’re on the way. They may lay dormant for quite a while and then explode into view for a short time only to disappear again. Or they may persist at a marginal level for a very long period of time. We all must remember that in order to capture these premiums, we all must stay disciplined and in following the asset allocation that was developed to suit our individual needs.

“Those who have knowledge, don’t predict. Those who predict, don’t have knowledge.”

Lao Tzu
Ancient Chinese Poet

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