Avoid the mistakes made by most investors

Our clients view the financial markets as an ally, and understand their own behavior is the most important factor to a positive investment experience.

We do not attempt to beat the stock market by trying to predict the future. Instead, our clients are able to capture the long-term rewards of markets by diversifying unwanted risk away from their investment portfolio.

By controlling portfolio risk, we are able to help remove emotion from the investment process. Studies on investment behavior show that when the market declines in value, most investors get fearful and sell. When the market increases in value, most investors get greedy and buy, which is not a recipe for investment success.

We believe in you. We help you ignore pointless distractions and focus on what really matters – your unique goals and concerns, assessing your risk tolerance, creating a customized investment or wealth management plan, and adhering to that plan.

Claris Commitment

“Those who have knowledge, don’t predict. Those who predict, don’t have knowledge.”

Lao Tzu
Ancient Chinese Poet

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