Fixed Income

Think of the fixed income portion of your portfolio, as a safety net. It is there to provide security, a buffer from market volatility and protection for wealth already accumulated. Too often, fixed income is treated as an afterthought.

Through our relationship with the BAM ALLIANCE and the access provided in the fixed income market place through our subadvisory arrangement with BAM Advisor Services, we offer a dedicated, experienced, and specialized team of advisors who focus solely on fixed income. We understand  the safety, security, and protection that fixed income offers and incorporate it into your portfolio based on your unique goals and concerns. Our academically based philosophy aligns well with investors looking for a solution that concentrates on principal preservation:

True Customization Based Upon Your Unique Circumstances

  • Create a written fixed income investment policy.
  • Maximize after-tax returns.
  • Regularly monitor the bond portfolio for opportunities to harvest tax losses.

Our Interests Are Aligned With You

  • Obtain bonds from the competitive market, not a pre-arranged inventory.
  • Receive best execution and pricing by leveraging our large trading volumes.
  • Find transparency in a market well known for its hidden “mark-ups”, which are often unseen but can be very costly.

Flexible and Academically-Based Implementation

  • Maintain high credit quality, which emphasizes return of principal rather than return on principal.
  • Employ taxable, tax-exempt and inflation-aware securities.
  • Use individual bonds or mutual funds.

“Don’t invest in new or interesting investments. They are designed to be sold to investors, not to be owned by investors.”

Charles Ellis
Author, Investment Policy

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