Retirement Plan Trustees

As a plan trustee, you have a fiduciary obligation to the participants of your company retirement plan to offer participants the means to effectively diversify their retirement assets, thus reducing the risk of large investment losses; and ensure that fees and expenses are reasonable.

By returning the investment of retirement assets to professional advisors, Claris frees participants from the burden of constructing and monitoring their own portfolio and provides much-needed fiduciary protection to plan sponsors.

Claris offers four key advantages to your retirement plan and its participants:

  • Advisor-managed portfolios
  • Direct advice and education to plan participants
  • Fiduciary liability protection
  • Fee transparency

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“Fiduciaries should strongly consider index funds as an alternative to actively managed funds. Index funds incur about 80% less in transaction costs than actively managed funds…long-term returns for actively managed funds trail their respective indexes.”

Michael Keenan
Author, The Elephant in the Living Room

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