The Power of Evidence-Based Investing

Claris Advisors believes strongly in the power of using evidence-based investing concepts to help our clients meet their financial goals. As independent advisors, we are not wedded to any particular asset management firm. The amount of compensation we receive from outside fund management firms has been, and always will be $0. This freedom allows us to conduct exhaustive research into which firm will provide the best solutions for our clients and our clients alone.

Our research and the research of our partners at The BAM Alliance has consistently found that Dimensional Fund Advisers (DFA) captures the premiums that exist in the financial markets better than anyone. Due to the nature of their philosophy and execution, they are able to do this at a very low cost as well.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about DFA and we are pleased to be able to share it with you. You’ll notice that the Journal uses the term “active-passive powerhouse.” We think this term beautifully describes how DFA is able to consistently be one of the global leaders in institutional asset management solutions.

Read the full WSJ article, The Active-Passive Powerhouse.

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