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Preparing for Higher RMDs as a Retiree

The strong market performance of 2023 means this year’s required minimum distributions (RMDs) are very likely to rise for many retirees. For most, we’d expect that retirement accounts have recovered

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Conversations with Claris: Fee Reductions

Fees play an important part when it comes to understanding your investments. Hear from Claris President Stan Royer and Portfolio Advisor Chris Bettonville as they discuss mutual fund fee reductions

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How Election Results Impact Market Returns

Every four years the citizens of the United States exercise their constitutional right to vote. It is also around this time of year that opinions, predictions and prognosticators reappear after

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Is Passive Investing Creating a Bubble?

Investors have started asking questions around a passive investing “bubble” they’ve been hearing about recently. The basic argument behind the financial press coverage of this “bubble” is that the popularity

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