We’ve redefined the wealth management and investment experience

Understand | Invest | Relax

Founded in 1998, Claris Advisors is an investment advisor committed to helping individuals, institutions and retirement plan sponsors become smarter investors.

Claris takes an uncommon approach to investing, one grounded in decades of academic research and designed to help clients capture the long-term incentive of financial markets. We base our advice on scientific evidence, not opinions or Wall Street trends.

Our model is different than that of many in our business. We have chosen to be fiduciaries, which means we are legally obligated to act in our client’s best interest at all times. We even put this in writing.

After thorough discussion, our clients are provided an investment policy statement, or IPS. Your IPS will serve as the foundation to your investment plan, prescribing a prudent and individualized wealth management strategy – a strategy designed to help you understand, invest and relax.

“I don’t try to be clever at all. The idea that I could see what no one else can is an illusion.”

Daniel Kahneman
Nobel Laureate