• Meet Claris Advisors Learn how Claris Advisors can help you reach your financial goals, from sending your child to college to living the retirement you dream of.
  • Medicare 101: The Basics Katie Haug of Caravus, discusses the ins and outs of Medicare and gives a comprehensive overview of the benefits and issues facing Medicare recipients today.
  • Stories | Yours, Mine & Ours Tim Maurer, Director of Personal Finance with The BAM Alliance, discusses how your past and your personal story influence your personal financial decisions.
  • The Biggest Mistake Investors Can Make Carl Richards, Director of Investor Education at the BAM Alliance, explains why most investors underperform the market.
  • How to Become a More Educated Investor Larry Swedroe, Director of Research at the BAM Alliance, discusses the importance of investor education.
  • Retire to Something, Not from Something Tiya Lim, Director of Institutional Advisory Services at the BAM Alliance, suggests there is a lot more to retirement than financial independence.
  • Is Investor Confidence Good or Bad? Larry Swedroe, Director of Research at the BAM Alliance, explains why overconfidence might be an undesirable trait for investors.
  • The Problem with Buy and Hold During most bear markets, financial talking heads seem to ask the same question. Is buy and hold dead? Larry Swedroe, Director of Research at the BAM Alliance, reinforces our position on buy and hold and explains the importance of portfolio maintenance.

“I don’t try to be clever at all. The idea that I could see what no one else can is an illusion.”

Daniel Kahneman
Nobel Laurete

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