Portfolios built on wisdom, not speculation

Science has guided the way for advances in many areas of society. Fortunately, for investors, this same scientific approach exists in the world of finance. The evolution of passive investment management began in 1952 when Harry Markowitz penned a paper named Portfolio Selection. Since then, numerous academic papers and studies have been published in support of this evidence-based methodology.

We invest in knowledge. Decades of thorough, in-depth, and tested academic research have provided the fundamental principles of prudent investing. We feel you can benefit from this same wisdom.

Markets are Efficient

New information is incorporated into stock prices so fast, that it’s extremely difficult to profit in reaction to unfolding news, especially after considering the costs involved.

Risk and Expected Return are Related

Riskier asset classes provide higher expected returns as compensation for accepting greater levels of risk.

Diversification Works

Spreading your risk among multiple, distinct asset classes helps you capture your desired level of expected return while minimizing the risks involved.

Rebalancing is Essential

Regular portfolio maintenance through rebalancing seeks to ensure that you buy low and sell high.


Claris Commitment

“I don’t try to be clever at all. The idea that I could see what no one else can is an illusion.”

Daniel Kahneman
Nobel Laurete

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