Stacking Retirement Accounts: SEP IRA or Solo 401(k)

Stacking retirement accounts is a little-known strategy that will grow your retirement nest egg tax deferred while sheltering income from the IRS. Once you decide to stack retirement accounts, it’s time to determine if a SEP IRA or solo 401(k) is best for you. SEP IRA As with a traditional 401(k), 403(b) or another retirement […]

Stacking Retirement Accounts to Maximize Contributions and Tax Savings

For many professionals, side income is a wonderful thing. Working multiple jobs, consulting, or dabbling in entrepreneurship are substantial ways to earn extra income. Unfortunately, that added income also means an increased tax bill and swelling taxable accounts. Stacking retirement accounts is a little-known strategy that will grow your tax-deferred nest egg, while sheltering income […]

Saving for Retirement? Don’t Forget Your Health Savings Account

More often than not, when people think of retirement savings, the thought of their company health insurance plan doesn’t cross their mind. It’s about time that it does. In fact, for some people (though certainly not all) money placed in a health savings account (HSA) will be more beneficial at retirement than money in an […]

Cash in on Your Retirement with a Cash Balance Plan

Most retirement plans fall into one of two general categories: defined benefit plans or defined contribution plans. Both provide retirement benefits, but they differ in the way benefits are calculated and funded. A cash balance plan is a cross between a defined benefit plan and a defined contribution plan. Cash balance plans are like traditional […]

Retirement: It’s an Income Story

Where is your main focus for retirement?  Is it returns?  Is it income?  If your retirement goal was not to run out of money and produce an acceptable income, would you deem it successful if you accomplished that without getting a return you thought was good or appropriate?  I had the privilege to hear Robert […]