Take an Information Vacation

Human beings are addicted to information. If this statement is not true, how else do you explain the social media, smart phone, tablet boom? There is even something called Gas Station TV, which allows us to stay tuned-in while at the pump.

When I first started driving, all my time at the gas station was spent on car maintenance – pumping gas, checking oil, and cleaning the windshield. Recently I found myself spending that time differently. In the three minutes it takes to fill up my car, I used my smart phone to check baseball scores and send an email. All while being inundated with breaking news compliments of Gas Station TV. My how times have changed.

I don’t know if this influx of information is good or bad. I tend to lean toward the latter, especially when “staying connected” comes at the expense of spending time on things that truly matter in life.

Therefore, I have a challenge for you. The next time you have an urge to check your tiny electronic device – DON’T. Take an information vacation. Go for a jog. Take a walk with your significant other. Play a board game with your children. Whatever it is, take a break from being consumed by information. You might be surprised with the results.

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