The Importance of Understanding Evidence-Based Investing

At Claris, our passion is helping clients understand how capital markets work and to provide them with the information necessary to become smarter investors. Evidence-based investing is significantly different from most of the advice heard on Wall Street and in the financial media. It also is different from the strategy followed by the typical individual […]

Should You Worry About High Frequency Trading

A March 30th segment on “60 Minutes” examined high-frequency trading and whether insiders are increasing the cost of stock trading for investors. Here are points to keep in mind as it relates to high-frequency trading: 1)      While there certainly is some questionable activity in the high-frequency trading community on Wall Street, the general belief within the industry […]

It’s Hard to Make Predictions, Especially About the Future

The Vanguard Total US Stock ETF (ticker VTI) was down just over 5% from December 31, 2013 through February 3, 2014. In other words, in just over a month’s time, the decline in US markets started to shake the confidence of some investors and the financial media. The proverbial “sky is falling” headlines were plentiful. […]

The Eugene Fama Wave Reaches ESPN

One of my favorite articles to read is Tuesday Morning Quarterback by Gregg Easterbrook. I originally found the article due to my love of sports, but what keeps me going back for more is the author’s frequent sidetracking into non-football related issues such as the space program, environmental policy, global warming and science. Therefore, I […]

What the Government Shutdown Means to Your Portfolio

The US Government began a partial shutdown on October 1st, potentially putting up to 1 million workers on unpaid leave, closing national parks and stalling medical research projects. While those things are all saddening and will affect many individuals and families, it is important to keep your eyes on the horizon, especially if you are […]