Watch Conversations with Claris on YouTube

Claris Advisors recently started a YouTube channel where viewers can find all of the Conversations with Claris episodes in one place. Check out our latest episodes on Protecting Your Personal and Financial Information from Cybercrime, Rethinking Cryptocurrency and more all on YouTube. Visit the Claris Advisors YouTube channel.

Conversations with Claris: Meet the Team

Tune in to our Conversations with Claris video series for answers to burning questions around finance and investing. Meet the Claris team in the first video of the series. Watch the video on Vimeo.

Wash U Develops Proprietary Tax Management Software for Claris Clients

One of the most effective ways a wealth advisor can deliver consistent value to their clients is to engage in efficient tax-management of their portfolio. This has ALWAYS been easier to explain than to illustrate to our clients. . .  and it is very difficult to explain. The team at Claris has spent the past […]

Explaining Portfolio Tracking Error

Investors may be wondering about the performance of the stock portion of their portfolios relative to popular stock market benchmarks like the S&P 500, which is a gauge of the performance of large U.S. companies. These differences in relative performance are referred to as “tracking error.” This article reviews the factors that cause our stock […]