Introducing Conversations with Claris

In 2014, Claris is putting together a series of three presentations that deal with pertinent financial subjects.  Our plan is to continue this educational series every year for our clients.  So, get ready for “Conversations with Claris”.  As a firm, we think it is vitally important to be an informed investor.  By being an informed investor your tendencies will be to make sound and prudent decisions while tuning out the typical Wall Street noise.  I will continually say, “pay attention to the things you can control”.  One of those most important things in your control is putting together a sound Investment/Financial Plan.  A plan may include how/when to take Social Security benefits, how to adjust or account for things like Medicare (when it’s time) or maybe just balancing money and life.

Most people would conclude these things have nothing to do with investing, but I say they have everything to do with investing.  Planning is the driving force behind what your investment portfolio will look like.  It takes into consideration all your goals and objectives and gives you that personal investment allocation that uniquely fits you and only you.

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