Evaluating Your Advisor and Investment Plan

Claris encourages our clients to think critically about their investments and their investment plan. After all, shouldn’t all investors have a solid understanding of how their financial lives are being managed? Answering the following questions will help you better understand and evaluate your investment advisor and the inner-workings of your wealth management plan. Evaluating Your […]

The Fiduciary Standard: Putting Our Clients’ Interests First

It is with great pleasure I write my first of hopefully many blog postings for the Claris website. I have loved finance since, at the age of 14, my grandfather taught me how capital markets work. My grandfather was a remarkable man who spent his formative years simply surviving the Great Depression. By the time […]

What is Your Risk Tolerance?

RISK. Risk as defined by Webster is the possibility of loss or injury.  Well, in the investment world it wouldn’t be defined as injury – but definitely associated with loss.  If you add the word tolerance to it, then it would be better defined as; what is the loss you are willing to accept.  So, what amount […]

Success is Determined by More than Your Portfolio Returns

How do you determine success?  It’s usually a harder question to answer than one might think.  At Claris, we often think about what part we play in helping our clients achieve their financial goals and objectives.  The story I tell most often is that we believe when our clients come to the end of their […]

A Long-term Approach to Investing is the Key to Success

Most of you have heard me say countless times, nobody seems to have much issue with their portfolios when they are performing well, but turn that around and it becomes a whole different conversation.  I understand no one likes to see their portfolio values decrease.  This is precisely why I spend so much time talking […]