The Value of an Advisor Part 3: Asset Allocation

Study after study has shown that a portfolio’s asset allocation – the precise mix of equities, fixed income, alternatives, etc., should be the most important determinant of investment returns. The percentages allocated to each asset class should be based on an investor’s financial situation, risk tolerance and time horizon. Vanguard’s Advisor’s Alpha® study suggests that […]

The Value of an Advisor Part Two: Asset Location

Over the years, we have reviewed many non-client advised asset statements, and are always shocked to see instances where the asset allocation in tax-advantaged accounts is identical to the asset allocation in taxable accounts. More often than not, this is done because an advisor does not have the technological capabilities to rebalance a portfolio across […]

Women and Wealth: Planning Your Financial Future

How to best serve our female clients has been a topic of great discussion here at Claris. Recently, I read an article about financial planning for women written by a member of our BAM Alliance that I found interesting. The article references a study, performed by the National Center for Women and Retirement Research, estimating […]

Donor Advised Funds: Making the Most of Your Charitable Giving

In and of itself, philanthropy is a powerful and rewarding exercise. When planned and organized effectively, it can transform from a meaningful annual endeavor into a tax efficient strategy that may result in even greater support to charities of your choice. A donor advised fund (DAF) is a tax-smart way to streamline your philanthropic efforts […]

The Value Premium- Where Is It?

Claris subscribes to a philosophy called evidence-based investing. In short, we manage our clients’ portfolios according to the findings of rigorous academic studies and peer-reviewed publications. We ignore the Wall Street hype and 24/7 financial media. Why? Because the preponderance of academic studies show that decisions based on evidence and fact are better suited to […]